Alessandria Dey '15, right, with Rochester police officer Michelle Velez.

With mounting security and paranoia in today’s world, general feelings towards the police have shifted from adoring to uneasy. Alessandria Dey ’15, a history major, is working with members of the Rochester Police Department focusing on community outreach. “They hope to build better relationships between police and the citizens of Rochester,” she explained.

Dey is working with neighborhood service centers to “address the specific needs of individuals and their neighborhoods.” She hopes that through working with the RPD, she will “establish relations with law enforcement that can help [her] reach [her] goal of working in the FBI.”

Dey’s everyday work includes riding along with officers, updating databases, and attending Neighborhood Block Club Meetings. “The officers I work with are there for the community,” she stated, “we are 311, not 911, and work hard to take care of the little things that matter but often get overlooked.”

Although she enjoys the work she is doing with the police, “I find investigative work and research to be rather thrilling,” she admitted. “I want to go to grad school for criminal justice and get a job in the sector.” Dey’s internship is made possible through the  Joseph F. Anderson Fund through the Career Center.

Alessandria Dey is a graduate of Rochester High School, NY.

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