It looks like the #savehamilton effort, which has spurred millions of comments to the U.S. Treasury Department, might be paying dividends.

The New York Daily News reports that U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew hinted that his department might be reconsidering dropping Alexander Hamilton from the $10.

According to the News, Lew said that the $10 bill is "the first bill we’re redesigning" but emphasized that there will be "a whole new series" of currency, and guaranteed that Hamilton will be on paper in some form. He also seemed to open the possibility that Andrew Jackson, who is on the $20 bill, might be dropped after a groundswell of support for Jackson's removal.

Lew refused to provide any details on his department's plans but did acknowledge that there had been "literally over a million” tweets, letters and other “inputs” about the plan to reduce Hamilton’s presence on the $10.

Many members of the Hamilton community, including President Joan Hinde Stewart, have come out in support of the idea of a woman on paper currency but have said that Hamilton should not lose his place on the $10 bill.

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