Alex Wang ’17 will be the first Hamilton graduate to work for Carlisle & Co., a boutique management consulting company outside of Boston that focuses exclusively on the automobile industry. Wang will work as an associate consultant, helping clients improve supply chain efficiency, benchmarking their performances, and participating in turn-around projects in which he will help identify problems and propose solutions for struggling companies.

When Wang started his Hamilton education, he planned to pursue a career in finance. His plans changed, however, after speaking with alumni who made him realize that consulting fulfilled all of what he sought in a career and more: “I wanted to look for something challenging that provides new opportunities constantly. Also, I like the idea of being able to work with different clients on a wide variety of projects in a short period of time,” he explained. “Plus, I will get to travel.”

about Alex wang '17

Majors: Economics and Public Policy 

Hometown: Xi An Shaanxi, China

High School: Lake Forest Academy

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Furthermore, this job complements his larger plans for the future, which may include business school. “Doing consulting is a great way to prepare for business school because I will get to work on problems people study in business school. This not only lets me figure out if business school is the right choice for me but also gives me an advantage if I do go.”

Wang noted that Hamilton alumni and the Career Center helped him a lot. “These conversations solidified my interest in doing consulting,” he said. “The Career Center helped me practice interviews and pointed me to useful resources that I didn’t know about.” In fact, Wang discovered this position through a job fair hosted by the College’s Career Center.

Despite being the company’s first employee from Hamilton, Wang is far from being the first Hamilton graduate to receive remarkable support from alumni and the Career Center in helping him discover his interests, provide professional resources and sharpen interview skills.

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