Allie Pohl '07 at the Orlando Museum of Art

Allie Pohl '07
Allie Pohl '07

Allie Pohl '07 is continuing to attract attention with her artwork and her ideals. This November/ December edition of the Orlando Arts Magazine features her "Ideal Woman" work, which began as a series of sculptures that had chia growing out of where unwanted hair is. Pohl then transformed the shape into a pendant of a female torso. Pohl hopes this will inspire woman to look past "commercially packaged versions of beauty" and celebrate themselves as they naturally are. She will be expanding her protest against unachievable beauty in the "XX-XY/Gender Representation in Art" exhibition at the Orlando Museum of Art, which will examine gender roles in society. "Ideal Woman: 36-24-36" consist of four life-size lower torsos in "ideal proportions" that visitors will be able to squeeze "like society molds the ideal." The mirror pedestals allow visitors to compare themselves to the ideal body shape, while video footage of the figures will show them walking like runway models, "elevating the ideal to even more of an unattainable product." The exhibition opened Dec. 18 and will run through June, 2011.

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