"Hamilton has been an integral part of my artistic career. At Hamilton, I learned how to think and communicate my ideas effectively through various mediums. Today, I communicate my ideas through my art. I will always cherish my time and development that occurred while on the Hill."

Allie Pohl ’07 presented an installation from her Ideal Woman series at SCOPE contemporary art show in Miami, FL during Art Basel 2014. The annual exhibition, which ran from December 2-7th, featured several life-sized sculptures by Pohl, each is a variation of the feminine form that has become her signature series, Ideal Woman. Pohl’s Designer Ideal Woman was selected by NYLON Magazine as one of the top ten pieces to see in Miami during Art Basel 2014. The series will also be shown at the Cornell Museum of Art and American Culture in March 2014.

Modeling her sculptures off of Barbie dolls altered to conform to Western society’s ideal measurements, Pohl created Ideal Woman to address the unrealistic expectations and demands society places on people and the ways in which these expectations have shaped ideas of female beauty and perfection. Each sculpture has a unique pattern of pubic hair, and is fashioned in a color corresponding to this pattern: primary colors for “all natural”, secondary colors for “lightly trimmed,” and tertiary colors for “landing strips.” For figures that feature no pubic hair at all, Pohl chooses colors that are off of the color wheel.

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