Jo Pitkin K'78

Jo Pitkin K’78 recently had two of her poems published in the anthology Like Light: 25 Years of Poetry and Prose by Bright Hill Poets & Writers.

One of her poems, “Reading Baudelaire in My Backyard” was inspired by her college experiences at Kirkland.

Like Light includes the work of writers from around the world, like Pitkin, who have read at Bright Hill Literary Center in New York. Pitkin’s latest collection of poetry, Rendering, was selected as one of four finalists in Utica College’s 2017 Eugene Paul Nassar Poetry Prize.

About Jo pitkin K’78

Major: Literature and Creative Writing

Campus Activities: Red Weather

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In 2017, Pitkin was one of nine poets to be awarded a grant from Money for Women, the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund for her manuscript titled Village: Recession.

Her poems have been published in numerous journals and anthologies including Little Star, Southern Humanities Review, The New York Review of Books.

In addition to her many publications and accomplishments, at Kirkland Pitkin won the George A. Watrous Prize in Poetry, and was founding editor of the extant campus literary magazine Red Weather.

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