Abhishek Amar

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Abhishek S. Amar published a book titled Archaeological Gazetteer of Gaya District which he co-authored with Dr. B. K Choudhary. (pub. K.P. Jayaswal Research Institute, Ministry of Education, Govt. of Bihar, India).

The book attempts to reconstruct the early historic and medieval history of the the Gaya district, which is home to the Buddhist and Hindu sacred sites of Bodhgaya and Gaya respectively. It presents a database of archaeological, epigraphic, and art-historical remains that were documented by Amar and other surveyors of the K.P. Jayaswal Research Institute in the district over last 12 years. The book reports hundreds of new sites, mounds, sculptures, shrines, and temples. In total, data from 417 villages/sites were surveyed and documented, which is included in the book.

The publication was reported on in several newspapers in Bihar, India in August. It is currently being used by the Gaya district administration to explore possibilities of tourism at the early medieval temple sites. Amar has also been consulted recently for providing feedback on a web app for the Hindu funerary pilgrimage at Gaya by the district administration.

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