Former ambassador to Israel, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates Edward "Ned" Walker '62, offered comments on President Trump's meeting at the White House yesterday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel:

"The Trump Netanyahu meeting was a predictable love fest with each man ignoring the elephant in his own room. Netanyahu is arguably the more vulnerable to the probe on corruption facing him and his wife than Trump is to Mueller.  But Trump may be not far behind. And even if Mueller does not pose a threat to Trump, as the President seems to believe, Mueller clearly is knocking at the door of Trump's primary negotiator, Kushner.

"Trump can bask in the glow of his Jerusalem decision, which for some reason he seems to think takes the issue off the table, although no one else in the world, including, I suspect, in Israel, agrees with him. And while Trump has promised the deal of a century on Palestine, I would not bet the farm on it.

"This may be Netanyahu's last Hurrah.  I genuinely enjoyed working with him in my time as ambassador and hope he can avoid an Olmert end. Bibi is famous for pulling rabbits out of his hat so the question really is whether or not there are any more rabbits left.”

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