Ambrose and Isserman Publish Opposing Op-eds on Roe v. Wade

Maurice Isserman, professor of history, and Douglas Ambrose, the Sidney Wertimer Jr. associate professor of history, and Doug's wife Sheila O'Connor-Ambrose, have published opposing opinion pieces on the 31st anniversary of Roe v. Wade in the Observer-Dispatch.

Isserman published, "Zealots make for bitter battle in Roe v. Wade controversy," and stated, "In the decades since Roe v. Wade has sparked what some have called a 'cultural war' between supporters and opponents of reproductive rights. ... I am glad that my friend and colleague, Doug Ambrose, and his wife Sheila are taking the other side in this editorial page debate today.  As historians, as parents, as citizens, we share many values.  We strongly disagree about the meaning of Roe v. Wade.  But neither of us has signed up as zealots in a cultural war."

Ambrose and O'Connor-Ambrose published, "Abortion isn't a choice we should allow anyone to make," and stated, "For 31 years, pro-choice advocates have promoted abortion as the essential means to women's empowerment and autonomy.  But it has instead traumatized women and obscured the questions we should be asking about our society's expectations of women, the place of children in our society, and the use of violence to solve social problems." 

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