Max Majireck
Associate Professor of Chemistry Max Majireck made good use of his sabbatical to present his laboratory’s latest research at two recent international conferences (the Spring National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Diego, Calif., and the Florida Heterocycles Conference in Gainesville, Fla.), as well as a local seminar at Union College.

Each presentation described the development of new class of reagents for organic synthesis, known as pyridinium ketene hemiaminals, which is anticipated to have a broad range of applications, particularly in the synthesis of bioactive, drug-like compounds. More than 25 Hamilton undergraduates have participated in this research, some of which the group has already published.

At Union, Majireck also described broader efforts by his laboratory to impact the fields of chemical synthesis and drug discovery. Travel support was provided by the Dean of Faculty’s Office and the C. A. Johnson Teaching Enhancement Fellowship.

Max Majireck in the lab

Hamilton-led Collaboration Publishes Report on New Type of Molecule

Research originating from the laboratory of Assistant Professor of Chemistry Max Majireck has been published in the journal Molecules.

Classroom, Max Majireck, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Majireck, Student Researchers Publish Article in JOC

“Synthesis of Bench-Stable N-Quaternized Ketene N,O-Acetals and Preliminary Evaluation as Reagents in Organic Synthesis” is the result of four years of work involving 20 Hamilton student co-authors from the classes of 2017 through 2023.

Max Majireck

Majireck Awarded American Heart Association Research Grant

Associate Professor of Chemistry Max Majireck and Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Khanh Ha of the Masonic Medical Research Institute (MMRI) were recently awarded a grant for approximately $154,000 from the American Heart Association.

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