<em>American Communal Societies Quarterly </em>(ACSQ) Cover Oct. 2014

The Richard W. Couper Press recently announced that the first nine volumes of American Communal Societies Quarterly (ACSQ) are now available through Hamilton’s Digital Commons.

According to Director and Curator of Special Collections and Archives Christian Goodwillie, “All articles, front, and back matter, will be available as color PDFs, free of charge. Content from volumes 10 through 12 is also indexed on the site and will become available year-by-year as our embargo wall moves forward. The entire corpus of the text of the ACSQ will be searchable through the Hamilton Digital Commons.

“The Couper Press and Hamilton College are thrilled to make this scholarly resource available to the general public,” Goodwillie added, noting that there are no plans to discontinue the print edition.

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