Alexy Lowy '14

As an associate economist at Moody’s Analytics, which specializes in economic forecasting, Alex Lowy ’14 is responsible for the states of New Hampshire and Montana and a few cities scattered across the country.

At Hamilton he was an econ major who learned on College Hill that even the best idea doesn’t matter if you don’t communicate it well.

“I write about economics every day at work, and it's really hard to distill an entire city's economy into about 600 words. Hamilton definitely taught me how to think critically and pick out what's important and to really focus on core arguments and to make sure that I am saying what I mean to say,” he says.

Back at Hamilton, Lowry knew from the first he wanted to major in economics.

“I really like how economics combines quantitative and qualitative analysis, and I think that's what drew me to the major,” he says. Still, some of his favorite classes and professors had nothing to do with econ. Hamilton’s open curriculum creates the opportunity to try new things, he says.

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