Back when she was at Hamilton, Ianno Recco '16, right, did research in Crete with Professor John McEnroe.

Her bedtime stories were Greek myths, her mother is from Greece and Ianna Recco ’16 grew up to major in classical languages and art history. Now that she’s graduated, her path has curved toward art but she hasn’t lost her passion for the past.

Recco has taken a job as archivist and data base manager at a New York City art advisory, a business that works with clients to build and manage their art collections.

“Of course, my studies in art history have helped me in this field, but also my training in classical languages has allowed me to be very meticulous, methodical and analytical in my work,” says Recco, who as a Hamilton student spent a summer in Crete surveying a Late Bronze Age town.

Recco entered Hamilton knowing she wanted to major in both of the subjects she loved and remains confident in that decision.

“The opportunities that I have received at Hamilton in these fields, both in and out of the classroom, validated my choice in my majors, and I remain very passionate about both areas,” she say. “I am thrilled to be in New York City just a short walk from some of the finest museums and antiquity collections in the world, and I am constantly augmenting my knowledge of my majors.”


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