The Contemporary Anti-Semitism Exhibit in the KJ Atrium will be on display through Sept.13.

You might find yourself running into KJ at 8:59 this Thursday morning, almost late for your 9 a.m. economics class. Alternatively, you might find yourself studying until the wee hours of the morning, preparing for your first exam of the semester.

Whatever brings you to KJ between today and Friday, consider taking an informative break by observing the Contemporary Anti-Semitism Exhibit, housed in the KJ Atrium until the end of the week. To introduce the week-long exhibit, Professor of History Shoshana Keller gave a talk on anti-Semitism in the contemporary world, an informative complement to an already educational collection of information.                                                    

Anti-Semitism exhibit kj 9/19
A poster from the exhibit. Photo: Kyra Richardson '21

Keller provided a brief overview of the history of anti-Semitism, tracing its roots to early Christian misconceptions of Jews as associated with “money, sin, and foreignness.” Keller began and concluded her lecture by emphasizing the continued prevalence of anti-Semitism today. Anti-Semitism exists “on college campuses, in politics, and on social media,” she noted. The exhibit in the atrium, Keller continued, is “pretty tame” in comparison to the hardships that Jewish communities internationally continue to face.  Anti-Semitism exists “on college campuses, in politics, and on social media,” she noted.

The Contemporary Anti-Semitism Exhibit, adopted from a similar exhibit at Vassar College, combines social media clips, art, and rhetoric from current politicians. The goal, said Nicole Eisenberg ’21 when introducing Professor Keller, is to bring conversation and awareness about anti-Semitism to Hamilton’s campus.

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