Olivia Maddox '20

Having applied to American universities and colleges while living in Hong Kong, Olivia Maddox ’20 knows how stressful the out-of-country application process can be. That’s why she’s excited to begin work as an educational consultant at Apolish, a New York City branch of the Chinese consulting firm Thinktown.

In her role, Maddox will mentor students from China applying to American high schools and universities, act as liaison between New York and Chinese offices, and design instructive curricula and programs for students. Some of her responsibilities as a mentor will include brainstorming common application essay ideas and providing feedback for written materials, all of which she had to work through herself when applying to Hamilton.   

About Olivia Maddox ’20

Major: history; Minor: Chinese

Hometown:  I was born and grew up in Hong Kong. Once I graduated from high school, my family moved to Litchfield, Conn., where we already had a family home.  

High School: Hong Kong Academy

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As a history major and Chinese minor, Maddox has an interest in Apolish that is academic as well as personal. While studying abroad in Beijing last spring, she extensively researched the Chinese educational system. She says her research helped her “better understand the critical role specialized training can play in providing students the support they deserve.” Her new job will thus complement her study abroad education and, more broadly, her Hamilton experience.

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Maddox cited her role as peer advisor for the Career Center’s Discovery Team as a major influence during her time on the Hill. After beginning her job training during her sophomore year, she began to connect with other advisors and students seeking help.


“Working as a peer advisor helped me grow on a personal level. It gave me a space to enhance my public speaking skills and helped me figure out a number of ways to secure job opportunities. I also loved being able to use the skills and strategies I learned to help my friends and peers on campus,” she said.

Working for the Discovery Team has also helped prepare Maddox for her job with Apolish. “In my weekly advising appointments, I tailor my suggestions to students depending on their goals and class year,” she said, describing how aiding students through the Career Center is similar to the work she’ll be doing as an educational consultant.

Overall, Maddox feels eager and prepared to continue helping students take the next big step in their lives.

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