Mariah Walzer ’17

A large group of Hamilton students, alumni and faculty attended and presented at the 82nd Annual Society for American Archaeology (SAA) meeting that took place March 29 to April 2 in Vancouver, B.C. 

Rachel Horowitz ’09 and Associate Professor of Anthropology Nathan Goodale organized a special symposium titled Toolstone Papers in Honor of the Careers of Charlotte Beck and George T. Jones

The symposium gathered former students of Professor of Archaeology Emerita Charlotte Beck and Professor of Anthropology George (Tom) Jones who have pursued careers in archaeology. 

Participants in the symposium included Khori Newlander ’04, Joanne Delvin ’90, Madeline Van der Voort ’09, Eric Jones ’00, Rachel Horowitz ’09, Lisa Fontes ’09, Amanda Taylor ’02, Cynthia Fadem ’01 and Alice Hunt ’97, as well as Mariah Walzer ’17.

Several colleagues served as discussants for the symposium, affirming the significance of the careers of Beck and Jones and their contributions to the discipline. The symposium ended with a standing ovation in honor of Beck and Jones.

Goodale said, “The enormous contribution and participation of students and alumni at the SAA meeting signifies the dedication and persistence of student engagement in the Anthropology Department.  In the previous 10 years, 50% of the Hamilton graduates with an archaeology concentration have pursued a graduate degree. The symposium in honor of Tom and Charlotte highlights their former students’ success.”

Three current students presented posters and papers based on thesis and independent study research in sessions at the SAA meeting.

Lindsay Buff ’17 presented a poster titled “Sourcing FGV [fine-grained volcanic] Artifacts Recovered from Housepit 54, Bridge River Housepit Village, British Columbia.” Emily Hull ’18 displayed her research on a poster titled “Microwear Analysis of Mica Lamented Quartzite Scrapers from Slocan Narrows, Upper Columbia River Area.Mariah Walzer ’17 presented a paper titled “Geochemistry of FGV toolstones sources and artifacts from Slocan Narrows and Bridge River sites in the Interior Pacific Northwest.”

The students received funding from the Dean of Faculty, the Kirkland Endowment, the Class of 1979 Travel Award and the Bonnie Urciuoli fund for student research. 

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