Aron Ain '79 MHT All-Star

Aron Ain '79
Aron Ain '79

Mass High Tech (MHT) has named Aron Ain '79 a 2010 All-Star. Ain is CEO of the workforce management software developer Kronos Inc. He began working for Kronos in 1979 when it was a startup and served as the company’s first service person and first sales person. Kronos has since grown to become a global firm with over 3000 employees.

"When we started," he said, "we were all young and focused on building the organization and figuring out how we were going to do that. We all were learning as we were going along. We were not only starting a company, we were inventing a product. Everyone knew everyone who worked at the company. I don't know everyone anymore. Everyone I see, I try to know who they are."

Former President and Chief Administrative Officer Paul Lacy listed Ain's "ability to quickly understand complex issues in a wide range of areas," his curiosity, and his energy as assets. The Kronos Inc. website credits Ain with being the driving force behind the customer-centric orientation that is "intricately woven into the fabric of the company."

Ain majored in economics and government at Hamilton.


Read the full article at http://www.masshightech.com/stories/2010/10/25/weekly19-MHT-All-Star-Aron-Ain-Bringing-order-to-chaos.html.

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