When Ben Goldman ’17 visited Hamilton College, he says he met students who’d received College grants to do cool projects or attend conferences. “Now it’s going full circle; I’m getting funding to do a really cool project that I’m really passionate about,” says Goldman, who got a grant to travel to Quarr Abbey, on the Isle of Wight, to study Gregorian chant. Goldman, who majors in dance and sociology, picked Hamilton in part because it gave him the flexibility to combine the arts with more traditional academic interests.

He came into Hamilton interested in theatre and musical theatre and has landed major roles in College Choir productions. Less expected was his passion for dance. “I really enjoy the arts and music and theatre and all this, but the dance department really grabbed me in a different way,” he says. Sociology grabbed him too. “And I realized that a lot of really, really important topics to me are really pursued and studied in sociology: socio-economic class, sexuality, gender, religion,” says Goldman, who is thinking about attending law school after he graduates.

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