Erich Marcks '16

I was not someone who was particularly active in my job search during my senior year of college. My primary focus was on finishing my academic career as best as I could so I could have a solid foundation to explore a multitude of professional opportunities following my graduation from Hamilton. I was not yet sure about what I wanted to do for work, but finance was one of my top considerations given that most of my family had pursued this career path. It also helped that I had an internship experience working for a wealth manager, and two parents who work as recruiters for banking and private equity positions alike. What was most important to me, however, was pursuing a job opportunity in finance that maximized my talents as a strong communicator who relishes the opportunity to develop interpersonal relationships with others.

Most banking positions require a high volume of analytic work, but I also wanted to work in a role that was client facing, enabling me to exploit the writing and communication skills I developed at Hamilton. Working as an Analyst in Relationship Management Corporate Banking has been perfect for me, because of the diversity of responsibilities the position offers. I get to work with the top Broker Dealers, Mutual Funds, and Insurance Companies in the world, and I have learned a great deal since I started a year ago.

My day-to-day includes:

  • Supervise development of credit applications and monitor portfolio of individual unit.
  • Coordinate with finance global network and other departments and ensure effective performance.
  • Supervise allotted account portfolios and ensure excellent customer service and assist in minimizing of financial risk.
  • Prepare management reports for various industry studies and identify appropriate market opportunities.
  • Analyze all business objectives and ensure achievement of all product mix for all relationships with customers.
  • Analyze clients’ requirements and manage all client communication and counseling for customers and prepare required documentation.
  • Participate in sales planning initiatives and design appropriate relationship plans to generate new business through out-marketing calls, promotions and presentations.
  • Administer all work and ensure compliance to all guidelines, sales process and standards to ensure effective inspections.
  • Provide excellent customer service and assist in opening new accounts for clients and maintaining necessary documents for all operations and maintain effective relationships with clients.
  • Assist bankers to arrange credit facility, participate in client meeting and prepare marketing materials for new clients and prospective clients.
  • Supervise and administer work of ARM’s management in loan underwriting, loan packages, portfolio monitoring, and business development.
  • Assist relationship manager and portfolio manager in portfolio management, credit renewal packages.
  • Analyze financial statements of new customer and evaluate all loan documents.
  • Maintain knowledge on all bank products, credit standards, services and trends and provide efficient customer services.
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    Participate in various business development calls with senior officials and develop efficient credit proposals and structure for same.
  • Coordinate with senior officers in business plan development, prepare credit packages and perform credit analysis and provide update for call lists.

All in all, I would highly recommend this position to anyone pursuing a position that blends financial analytics with interpersonal and client-facing responsibilities.

Erich Marcks ’16 majored in government and a minored in economics. He currently works as an Analyst at US Bank in the Securities Industry and Investment Management Division.

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