Balkan Participates in Sixth World Social Forum

     Lecturer in Economics and Women's Studies Nesecan Balkan participated in the Sixth World Social Forum in Caracas from January 24-29. Balkan organized a workshop along with colleagues from the Union of Radical Political Economists (URPE) titled "Progressive Economic Organizing in the U.S" and presented a paper about students' anti-sweatshop and other labor-related activism. The paper focused specifically on the activities of the United Students against Sweatshops which is an umbrella organization for more than 200 college groups involved with economic issues.
     World Social Forums provide a space for various social movements to discuss issues, exchange ideas, make connections and organize common events during subsequent years. Social Forums are attended by non-governmental organizations, labor unions, environmental and consumer groups, high school and university students, women's organizations, religious groups and others that are searching for new policies and actions to create a more egalitarian and ecologically sustainable world. More than 80,000 people attended the meeting in Caracas, which was one of three locations for this year's Social Forum. Another meeting was held in Bamako, Mali, from January 19-23 and a third meeting will be held Karachi, Pakistan.
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