Sinifin Yeniden Üretimi: Egitim, Neoliberalizm ve Istanbul’da Yeni Orta Sinifin Yükselisi, the Turkish language edition of Reproducing Class: Education, Neoliberalism, and the Rise of the New Middle Class in Istanbul by Professor of Anthropology emeritus Henry Rutz and Professor of Economics Erol Balkan, was published on Feb. 3.

The book, originally published in English in 2010, address questions about the social construction of middle-class reality in the context of the rapid changes that have come about through recent economic growth in global markets and the global diffusion of information technology.

Balkan also published “Nouveaux Riches of the City of Minarets and Skyscrapers: Neoliberalism and the Reproduction of the Islamic Middle Class in Istanbul,” an article co-authored with Ahmet Öncüa. The paper presented the results of the authors’ study of the effect of neoliberalism on Turkey’s middle class.

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