The Hamilton Outing Club hosted a screening of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour, an annual showcase of some of the best films related to outdoor activities and high-adrenaline sports. Playing to a packed crowd in the KJ Auditorium, the showing brought together a large crowd consisting of Hamilton students as well as many local outdoor enthusiasts.

 The films in the World Tour all debuted at the nine-day Banff Mountain Film Festival–a celebration of outdoor life in films and books that is held every November in a mountain town in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. Out of the many films screened a select few are chosen to be a part of the World Tour. These films vary in topic ranging from action-sports (skiing, kayaking, mountain biking and the like) to longer documentaries concerning environmental or cultural stories.

This year’s Tour included films such as “Mending the Line” which told the story of a WWII veteran who returned to Normandy to fly fish on rivers he had first seen during the D-Day landings, “Vasu Sojitra: Out on a Limb” which told the story of a one-legged backcountry skier exploring the untracked mountains of the East Coast completely under his own power, and “Delta Dawn” which followed a filmmaker and paddling enthusiast as he paddled the Colorado River to its meeting point with the sea during a 2014 experimental release of water that briefly reconnected the Colorado to the Pacific Ocean for the first time in decades.

HOC has hosted the World Tour during the spring semester for many years and this year’s offering did not disappoint. “Mending the Line” was a wide audience favorite while segments on whitewater kayaking, mountain biking and parasailing appealed to the thrill-seekers in the crowd. The World Tour will return next spring, in the meantime stay tuned for a showing of the Reel Rock Film Tour next fall.

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