Heidi Ravven

An essay by Professor of Religious Studies Heidi Ravven was recently published in the Italian journal InCircolo: Revista di filosofia e culture. The article appears in Volume 8, devoted to “L’Attualita di Spinoza” (“The Current Relevance of Spinoza”).

Titled “Spinoza and the Remaking of American Civil Religion,” Ravven’s essay focuses on the argument of her current book project of the same title.

Other essays in the volume address such themes as Spinoza, Freud, and Artificial Intelligence; Spinoza’s Politics of Recognition; Are Spinoza and Locke Heretics; Spinoza and Positive Freedom; and more. Essays are in English, Italian, and French. Noted contributors to this volume include Etienne Balibar and Vittorio Morfino.

Ravven said InCircolo is described as being “dedicated to studying and researching contemporary philosophy and establishing a relationship with the world where it is put into practice.”

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