The Bipartisan Policy Center, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., and Hamilton College, a private liberal arts college in Central New York, announced today a partnership to help develop the next generation of independent thinkers and engaged citizens.

This collaboration will connect Hamilton’s Common Ground program and BPC’s University Partnership Program to encourage civil discourse and bring bipartisanship outside the beltway through robust intellectual exchange. Hamilton is the first liberal arts college to partner with BPC. 

Bipartisan Policy Center
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“In today’s polarized environment, cultivating the next generation of thoughtful, pragmatic leaders is essential, and that’s why our partnership with Hamilton College is so significant,” said Kelly Darnell, BPC’s interim CEO. “Our democracy is stronger when we bring the best ideas from diverse viewpoints together. Working with esteemed partners like Hamilton College is critical to moving good policy forward now and in the future.

“The Bipartisan Policy Center has a long history of promoting thoughtful, cross-boundary political dialogue, evidence-based research, and bipartisan policymaking. This partnership gives Hamilton faculty and students access to the Center’s vision, resources and expertise and will greatly enhance our Common Ground program,” said David Wippman, president of Hamilton College.

Common Ground is Hamilton’s mission-based, multi-format program designed to help prepare students for active citizenship. It was established shortly after President Wippman started at Hamilton and is now directed by retired United States Army Brigadier General Ty Seidule, currently a visiting professor of history.

The program offers a range of events, from small classroom dialogues to large public gatherings, that bring together respected experts from across the political spectrum for moderated discussions of complex social issues. Working together, Common Ground and BPC will bring a range of current and former elected officials and other policy experts to the Hamilton campus several times each year for discussion and debate.

The partnership will also provide Capitol Hill internships for Hamilton students participating in the College’s Washington, D.C., semester. Since 1969, Hamilton has offered its Washington, D.C., program in which students study, live and work in Washington, D.C., with internships in government, think tanks, NGOs, non-profits, lobbying firms and consulting organizations.

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