Bob Hacker ’73 published his second book, Scaling Social Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned from One Laptop per Child. The book is a practical guide to how to scale a social entrepreneurship venture based on 3+ years as CFO of One Laptop and five years teaching social entrepreneurship at Florida International University and MIT Sloan.

During his time at Hamilton, Hacker majored in Philosophy. He received his Master of Business Administration from Columbia Law School in 1979. According to Hacker’s biography on his website, “From the time I left Hamilton College with a philosophy degree I have basically traveled the world on behalf of clients and companies that employed me. While some would have turned this into a study of foreign cultures, early on I rejected the notion that the world's people are all different. I opted to look for lessons, techniques and customs that I could make part of my own approach to business and life. The resultant approach is almost equally influenced by Latin America and Asia, and hopefully I have extracted the best concepts.”

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