Body and Soul

Body and Soul is the dark tale of three characters and how their lives eventually intersect. Mole, a young man whose parents have split and whose mother dies later on, must deal with the grief inflicted on his life as he also gropes with growing up alone. "X," a young, violent art student whose bigotry is aimed at, among others, Mole's Chinese American background, is heading straight for his doom. Finally, is a Jewish taxi driver, dealing with the loss of his son, and who is instrumental on the fatal night all three lives converge.


"As he waited nervously for a chance to speak, his eyes strayed over the handful of booths and tables inside the restaurant...A man and a woman were sitting across from each other at one booth along the wall. The woman, young and blonde, was talking animatedly between bites of food. The man's back was turned toward him, but the brushlike cut of his thick black hair and the strong, square set of his shoulders as he leaned over the table were instantly recognizable. It was his father."

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