Marianne Janack

The editorial staff of Book XI, led by Marianne Janack, the John Stewart Kennedy Professor of Philosophy, has just published the latest issue of the journal. The theme is "Be Careful What You Wish For." The students who co-edited the issue were: Scout Winer '24, Gabi DeMendoca Gomes '24, Eliza Jones '22, Anna Goula '22,  and Carolyn Gevinski' 22

In the introduction, titled “Wishing, Hoping, and Being Optimistic,” Janack wrote, “Be careful what you wish for” is often completed with this reason: “you might get it.” That adage points to the ways in which human desires can take the form, in their fulfillment, of nightmares or can bring unanticipated consequences. Our stories in this issue are inspired by the first part of the adage —“be careful what you wish for”— and bring to light the ways that we think about the issues of happiness and desire.”


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