Cameron Brick
Cameron Brick

A paper published by Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology Cameron Brick was referenced in an article appearing in the Santa Barbara Independent (Santa Barbara, Calif.) on April 10. The paper, “Unearthing the ‘Green’ Personality: Core Traits Predict Environmentally Friendly Behavior” was co-authored with Gary Lewis of the University of York in the United Kingdom. It was published in the journal Environment and Behavior in 2014.

Brick’s work was quoted extensively in “Walking the Environmental Walk” which focused on whether climate-related issues cause people to make lifestyle and behavioral changes.

The author noted that Brick’s research showed that “people who are open-minded and enjoy new experiences have the kind of flexible, long-distance, and long-term thinking to become concerned and start changing their behavior. These people are usually more concerned about the environment and more likely to choose pro-environmental actions in their daily lives.”

Brick’s research also examined the role of social identity in influencing responsible environmental behavior, and the link between education and environmental friendliness.

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