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Austin Briggs
Austin Briggs

Briggs’ Letter Published in TLS

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Posted May 2, 2014
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Austin Briggs, the Hamilton B. Tompkins Professor of English Literature emeritus, published a letter in the April 4 issue of TLS, The Times Literary Supplement (London). The letter was Briggs’ second published in TLS in seven months.

Challenging a review that asserted, “nothing much happens” in James Joyce’s Ulysses, Briggs countered, “I would consider it a full day in which a burly barfly pursued me out of a pub shouting anti-Semitic curses, sicking his dog on me, and vowing to ‘brain’ and ‘crucify’ me; in which I became involved with the police over a street fight between two drunks in the red-light district; and in which my wife betrayed me.”


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