Colin Quinn

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Colin Quinn recently published an article in Antiquity, one of the top international archaeology journals.

In “Rethinking time, culture and socioeconomic organisation in Bronze Age Transylvania,” Quinn and his fellow researchers from Muzeul National al Unirii in Romania and the University of Arizona presented the first radiocarbon-based chronology for Transylvania’s Middle Bronze Age.

Quinn said that one of the most important conclusions from the study is that while other societies across the Carpathians collapsed as a result of the immigration of new communities from the Eurasian Steppe around 1500 BCE, the communities that had direct access to gold, copper, salt, and other important natural resources persisted for decades, if not centuries.

He noted that this demonstrates how important interregional trade was to Bronze Age societies and how people in southwest Transylvania benefited from “sitting on a gold mine.” 

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