CEO, Director, and President of Seneca Foods Corporation, Kraig H. Kayser ’82, is ranked in the top quartile of NASDAQ performers by BSS News Bites. This NASDAQ performance ranking was for the year that had ended on May 25, 2016, and in that year, the shares were up 13.3 percent. He has been a part of the Seneca Foods Corporation for over 25 years, serving as director since 1985 and president and chief executive officer since 1993.

According to the Seneca Foods Corporation website, “At Seneca, we believe that everyone deserves year-round access to great-tasting food that's also great for you. That's why we're bringing families and organizations all over the world real food that's nutritious, affordable, and delicious. We source the majority of our high-quality fruits and vegetables from over 3,000 American farms in order to support agriculture and employment here in the USA.  Since our first days in 1949, we've been dedicated to our fantastic customers, growers, suppliers, and to each and every one of our 3,500 loyal employees. By remaining committed to those we serve, we're going to continue growing as the leader in the fruit and vegetable industry.  At Seneca, we're still doing things the way we always have- the right way. Think globally, grow locally. We're proud to say, "We feed the world."

Kayser graduated Hamilton College as an economics major in 1982 then went on to receive his M.B.A. at Cornell University in 1984.


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