BU Professor to Give Phi Beta Kappa Lecture

Merle Goldman, a history professor at BostonUniversity, will give a lecture titled, "China's Intellectuals at the End ofthe 20th Century," on Monday, Feb. 19, at 4:30 p.m., in Dwight Lounge of theBristol Campus Center. The lecture is free and open to the general public.

Goldman, who joined the faculty at Boston University in 1972, received herB.A. from Sarah Lawrence College, her master's degree from Radcliffe Collegeand her Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1964.

Past president of the New England Council of the Association of Asian Studiesand currently chairperson of the New England China Seminar, she is also therecipient of the 1981 Radcliffe Graduate Medal for Distinguished Achievement, amember of the Presidential Commission on Radio Asia and a trustee of SarahLawrence College.

Goldman is the author of several books including Sowing Seeds of Democracyin China: Political Reform in the Den Xiaoping Era, which was chosen asthe best book on government in 1994 by the American Association of Publishers,Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division. In addition, she is on theeditorial board of The China Quarterly.

The Phi Beta Kappa Associates Lectureship provides speakers for specialoccasions sponsored by Phi Beta Kappa groups. Established in 1942, theLectureship is one of the important activities sponsored by the Phi Beta KappaAssociates, a group of Phi Beta Kappa members organized to foster and advancethe welfare of the Society and the ideals for which it stands. By way of itspanel of distinguished speakers, the Lectureship contributes directly to theintellectual life of the campus and community.

The Hamilton College chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was established in 1870.Students are elected to membership primarily for academic distinction in theliberal arts and sciences.

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