Buchman Conducts Symphony Syracuse

Heather Buchman
Heather Buchman

Heather Buchman, associate professor of music and director of the Hamilton College Orchestra, conducted Symphony Syracuse on Friday, Nov. 18, at the Syracuse Civic Center. A review that appeared in the Post-Standard the following day described her performance. “Buchman’s every gesture, every breath, was purposeful, and the Symphony Syracuse artists responded in kind, turning in a performance marked by precision as well as passion.”

In a summary of the program’s second half, the reviewer wrote, “the musicians were still intensely focused on Buchman, who kept tight control on the sprawling “Symphonie fantastique” of Hector Berlioz.… When that moment came, the applause was loud and sincere. Buchman responded to four curtain calls. On the third one, when she motioned the orchestra to stand and receive recognition, the musicians refused, signaling that the honor and appreciation was all for her.”

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