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Genevieve Caffrey ’17 and Caroline Kreidberg ‘17
Genevieve Caffrey ’17 and Caroline Kreidberg ‘17

Genevieve Caffrey ’17 and Caroline Kreidberg ’17 recently helped organize the first Animal  Rescue Law Forum for Hamilton parent Kevan Cleary P’12. It was hosted by the New York County Lawyers Association. The students set up the social media, press releases, phone calls and emails to interested parties, handled the replies and follow up and worked the night of the event.

This event was a huge success. Tami Cleary K’75 said that Caffrey and Kreidberg “helped keep everything running smoothly, by greeting people at the door, running the power point and collecting the contact information at the end.” Kevan Cleary, Animal Law Committee co-chair, and a Brooklyn Law School adjunct assistant professor, was moderator and facilitated the discussion.

It turned out to be a big success with an overflow turnout.  Attendees and speakers included some of the most active professionals involved in Animal Rescue Law.

Both students are on the Mock Trial team at Hamilton. Besides the practical experience of producing a meeting in a remote location from the Hill, the opportunity to see and hear lawyers discussing an emerging legal field was rewarding.

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