Cafruny Gives Invited Talk at Duke

Alan Cafruny
Alan Cafruny
Alan Cafruny, the Henry Platt Bristol Professor of International Affairs, gave an invited talk at "Eurocentrism or Euro-Crisis: A Day-long conference with Perry Anderson," at the Institute for Critical Theory, Duke University, on March 27.

His talk was titled "In the Shadow of the Imperium?" "Europe's relaunching" was widely expected to spearhead a European challenge to U.S. hegemony. Yet, the neoliberal policies that lay at the heart of the project have instead exacerbated the problems of slow growth, structural unemployment, and democratic deficit. They have weakened Europe's distinctive forms of national and community solidarity and deepened its subordination to a faltering US imperium. Facing the most serious global financial crisis since 1929, can Europe recover its social democratic heritage or is it condemned to live in the shadow of the Imperium?"
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