Alan Cafruny
Alan Cafruny

A paper by Alan Cafruny, the Henry Platt Bristol Professor of International Affairs, was recently published by the Valdai Discussion Club as Valdai Paper #10. Titled “Europe’s Twin Crises: The Logic and Tragedy of Contemporary German Power,” the article “explores the origins and evolution of the two interlocking crises that now engulf the European continent: an imploding monetary union and the intensification of great power rivalry in Europe following the ‘end of the post-cold war era’.”

Cafruny detailed the relationship between the rise of German economic power and the transformation of the European monetary order, as well as the European Union’s management of the Eurozone crisis that has led to increasingly uneven development and political fragmentation in Europe. He also assessed the implications of an “unstable power constellation for the broader European geopolitical space.”

The Valdai International Discussion Club is described on its website as “an exclusive gathering of leading Russian and international experts in the history, politics, economics and international relations” with a mission of fostering “a global dialogue about Russia and to provide an independent, unbiased, scholarly analysis of political, economic and social processes in Russia and the world.” Upwards of 800 scholars representing nearly 50 countries have contributed to the club’s work since its establishment in 2004.

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