Oliver Magnusson ’17

Among the ranks of far-flung recent Hamilton grads is Oliver Magnusson ’17, who works in the London office of Capco. That's a management consulting firm for banks. While still at Hamilton Magnusson interned one summer at Capco's office in New York City, thanks to help from a Hamilton alum. He landed the London job soon after he graduated with a major in Chinese. We caught up with Magnusson recently to ask a few questions.

Did your interest in Chinese shape your career path and/or what you want to do in the future?

My interest in Chinese has been pivotal in my career path and in shaping what I would like to do in the future. My company is increasingly doing more work that requires people with experience in China, and I have been in the core groups leading this work because of my background in the language and country. I can say with certainty that I would not have had these opportunities to work with senior company executives so early in my career were it not for this experience.

Studying Chinese also sparked my interest in China’s rising role in the world, and how that compares with that of the United States and Europe. As my career progresses, I plan to shift more towards the crossing between international business and international politics, focusing in particular on competition between the United States and China.

Now that you’ve been out of Hamilton for a bit, what stands out about your academic experience?

Aside from the incredible standard of teaching and the variety of courses offered, what stands out most are Hamilton’s faculty. I always felt comfortable approaching my professors with questions, and would spend far too much time in office hours discussing class material, or eventually just chatting. Almost two years out, I still keep up with many of them. They really are what set Hamilton apart.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about what you are doing now or about Hamilton?

Adaptability, writing, and public speaking are some of the most important traits you can have in the workplace, regardless of what profession you choose. Hamilton teaches you to develop these skills extremely well, irrespective of your major, and they will be with you your entire life. Your Hamilton education helps you make an impact from your first day on the job, and if I had the choice to do it all again, I would choose Hamilton every time.

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