Nancy Dolliver K'75

When Nancy Dolliver K’75 joined The Capitol Steps more than 20 years ago, she mostly played politicians’ wives because female politicos were scarce. Now that situation is changing, providing the troupe with a growing pool of women power-players.

The Capitol Steps, based (where else?) in Washington, D.C., is a song-and-skit political satire ensemble that travels the country amusing both elephants and donkeys with songs that have recently ranged from “Wake Me Up in Mar-a-Lago” to “The Sound of Sanders.”

“We’ve always said that our goal is to be equal-opportunity offenders,” Dolliver says.

Migrating to the Steps from a career as a television production manager, Dolliver has now mastered the quick costume change. “I think what’s fun is going out as Kellyanne Conway and then coming back five minutes later and being Elizabeth Warren, and then five minutes after that, you’re Betsy DeVos,” she says.

In these times of polarized politics, Dolliver thinks people see political humor as a relief from the nastiness. “Laugh at the other side, but also laugh at yourself,” she advises.

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