A Connect Team event,
Student Industry Coordinators Serve as Alumni Network Bridge,” a Feb. 22 article in Inside Higher Ed, celebrated the Career Center’s Connect Program. The article was part of the publication’s new daily “Student Success” column, which highlights “a unique feature or twist … worth modeling.” The Connect Program unites students and their major interests to the College’s alumni community with events, blogs, and interviews. 

Thirty-five Connect team members work to establish alumni connections in 11 industries and arrange six to 10 major events for students per year in each industry. They also coordinate 50 alumni blog posts, which target student interests like job hunting, the value of an internship, or the benefits of in-person work. Team members make connections with 250 to 300 alumni annually.

“The team members are our ears to the ground with regard to what students want ...  At the same time, alumni are excited to engage directly with students and are eager to plug in in this way,” said Career Center Director of Operations Shauna Hirshfield.  

The program, which started in 2016, allows students to gain real-world, hands-on experience, connect directly with the Hamilton alumni network, and learn skills for their future careers.

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