Maurice Isserman

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs Senior Fellow Ted Widmer interviewed Maurice Isserman, the Publius Virgilius Rogers Professor of American History, for the podcast series, The Crack-Up, about the year 1919 and the way it continues to affect us. Isserman’s interview, Eugene Debs & the Origins of Socialism in the U.S., was focused on the “presidential candidate who isn't taught that widely in American grade schools or high schools but played a very important role in the early history of the 20th century,” as Widmer described Debs.

During the July 8 podcast, Isserman answered questions about Debs’ involvement in politics including his five runs for the presidency, the creation and support of unions, imprisonment for publicly speaking about Socialist opposition to WWI, as well as the evolution of Socialist Party in the first decades of the 20th century and its relationship with the Democratic Party. Widmer thanked Isserman for his “erudite and clear explanations of this fascinating part of American history.”

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