"Doctuh" Mike Woods, composer,bassist and assistant professor of Jazz Studies at Hamilton College, presentsthe world premier performance of Downtown Heaven Suite, Monday, Oct. 28,at 8:30 p.m. in Wellin Hall, Schambach Center for Music and the PerformingArts. The performance is free and open to the general public.

Woods' original work features a complex mix of classical music, infused withjazz. Ten years in the making, Woods' describes it as a positive, fun anduplifting piece, but not the norm, "it will require the audience to use theirthinking caps."

The score depicts several scenes that take place in downtown heaven. There isa narrator that acts as a tour guide to direct the audience through the variousmovements. The trip includes the `Magic Tram', `Highway 77', `March to theCross', `Judgement Hall', `Memorial Gardens', `Saints Club' and `Breakpoint.'

Woods' has been praised for the wide ranging musical diversity in hiscompositions. Though classical music is his greatest influence, he alsoincorporates gospel, jazz and Motown into his works. He calls Downtown HeavenSuite "chamber music with groove." The performance will feature allprofessional musicians, many of whom are on staff at Hamilton. For moreinformation, call 859-4331.

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