Jody Roberts
Jody Roberts

Jody Roberts, director of the Center for Contemporary History and Policy at the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) in Philadelphia, will present a lecture titled “Sensing Change: How Art and Science Work to Communicate Environmental Change” on Wednesday, April 23, at 4:10 p.m., in the Red Pit, Kirner-Johnson Building. The lecture is sponsored by the Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center and is free and open to the public.

Roberts’ work explores the intersections of emerging molecular sciences and public policy and the ways in which tensions brought about between the two get resolved. He received advanced degrees in science and technology studies from Virginia Tech, where he cultivated an interest in the practice of the molecular sciences and the ways in which they are shaped by internal architecture and design (e.g., technologies of the laboratory) and the politics of the broader world (e.g., chemical regulations).

Those interests became the basis for the projects that formed CHF’s Environmental History and Policy Program, which explores social, technical, and policy innovations for governing molecules.

Before becoming the first manager of the Environmental History and Policy Program, Roberts was the Charles C. Price Fellow and Gordon Cain Fellow at CHF. Roberts is a senior fellow in the Environmental Leadership Program. He also lectures in the History and Sociology of Science Department at the University of Pennsylvania and in the Center for Public Policy at Drexel University. Roberts holds an undergraduate degree in chemistry from Saint Vincent College.

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