Clarkson 4 Hamilton 3

Stan Brener scored two goals less than a minute apart midwaythrough the second half to lead Clarkson to the come-from behind victory.Hamilton gained a 2-1 lead at halftime scoring twice in a span of 2:49 on goalsby Ke Sagnia and Brendan Forrest.

Hamilton (2-3-1): Brendan Forrest 2-0, Ke Sagnia 1-1, Brian Grzymski 0-1. MikeHeffernan 9 saves.

Clarkson (5-5-0): Stan Brener 2-0, Jason Falco 1-0, Willie Gould 1-0, Pat Cogan0-2, Travis Bender 0-1, Colin Nias 0-1. Peter Trencansky 6 saves.

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