Clinton Native Presented With Hamilton's Top Alumni Award

John B. Root, who grew up across the streetfrom the Hamilton College campus in Clinton and now lives in New York City, waspresented with the college's top alumni award during Reunion Weekendfestivities on Saturday, June 6.

The Bell Ringer Award recognizes exceptional service to Hamilton, its alumniand the community over the course of the recipient's lifetime. It waspresented to Root by Hamilton Alumni Association President William N. Yeomans,a member of the class of 1955.

"Few alumni have been longer or more intimately acquainted with this collegethan you," Yeomans said in presenting the citation. "Throughout your manyyears of residence and travel abroad, you remained close to the College, if notgeographically, at least in ardent loyalty."

A member of the class of 1944, Root participated in student government andintercollegiate athletics, and was elected to several student honoraryorganizations. He accelerated his academic program at Hamilton, graduating in1943, then served for three years in the military. Upon his return to theU.S., Root received a master's degree from the School of Advanced InternationalStudies and began a four-year term with the U.S. Foreign Service. The next 27years of his life were spent with petroleum marketing affiliates of Esso, nowExxon, in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Since retiring as vice president of Esso Africa, Root has served Hamilton in avariety of volunteer capacities. From Free Agent for the college's AnnualFund, to Alumni Council member and Reunion Gift Committee chair, he is nowchair of Hamilton's Committee on the Visual Arts.


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Root's current service to Hamilton, Yeomans said, continues "a currenttradition of commitment to the arts begun by your father, Edward Wales Root,Class of 1905, who was the first to teach the appreciation of art to studentson the Hill.

"Through your generous assistance," Yeomans continued, "and astute advice infurthering the aims of the Emerson Gallery, you are contributing to thecultural strengthening of this community, thereby adding another chapter to thelong history of your family's many distinguished services to Hamilton.

In addition to the presentation of special awards, the Reunion Weekendcelebration at Hamilton included special class dinners and receptions, athleticcontests, classes, meetings with the college president, a parade and the annualAlumni Service of Remembrance. Approximately 2,000 people participated in theweekend.

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