College Brass Draw The Color Line

Hamilton College in New York commissioned a survey last year - "The Racial Attitudes of Young Americans" - from John Zogby. 

The questions were asked of 1,001 18-20-year-olds around the country.  Among the somewhat more heartening results was that 56 percent said that government should ensure fair treatment of blacks in the workplace.

The majority also accepted interracial dating and marriage.  And 61 percent agreed that "the government in Washington should see to it that white and black children go to the same schools"...

Professor Philip Klinkner, of Hamilton College, who directed the survey, said that it is "troubling that only some 60 percent of these young Americans felt strongly that the schools must be integrated as a constitutional mandate.  Thurgood Marshall, while on the Supreme Court, used to say that 'people who don't learn together are not going to know how to live together.'"

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