Syndicated columnist andtelevision commentator Robert Novak will present a talk at Hamilton College onTuesday, Nov. 19, at 8.p.m. Novak's talk, "The Economy," will take place inthe Chapel and is free and open to the public.

A journalist whose career has spanned over 40 years, Novak got his firstnewspaper job while attending the University of Illinois. He served in theU.S. army during the Korean War and then worked for the Associated Press. In1958 he joined the Washington bureau of the Wall Street Journal as Senatecorrespondent and political reporter.

Novak began his political column "Inside Report" with Rowland Evans in 1963.It is now one of the longest running syndicated columns in the nation, carriedby over 150 newspapers. Based on hard reporting and a fast-moving dateline,Novak has travelled throughout the U.S. and the world to cover politics, wars,revolutions and international conferences.

As a commentator for the Cable News Network (CNN), Novak is co-host of the"Evans and Novak" interview program. He also appears on and serves asco-executive producer of CNN's political roundtable "Capital Gang." He is anoccasional co-host of CNN's "Crossfire" and often appears as an interviewer onNBC's "Meet the Press."

In collaboration with Evans, Novak produces the biweekly newsletter "TheEvans-Novak Political Report." He has written for most of the nation's majorperiodicals and is currently a roving editor of the "Readers Digest." Hisbooks include "The Agony of the GOP" and co-authored with Evans, "Lyndon B.Johnson: The Exercise of Power," "Nixon in the White House" and "The ReaganRevolution."

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