"Communities That Care"

Hamilton College welcomed more than 120 Oneida County service providers and officials to campus for a day-long meeting of the "Communities That Care" initiative on Feb. 27.

The Oneida County "Communities That Care" is a risk-focused approach to prevention. Hamilton researcher Judy Owens-Manley, who compiled the initial risk assessment report,  explains that risk-focused prevention is based on a simple premise, "to prevent a problem from happening, we need to identify the factors that increase the risk of that problem developing and then find ways to reduce the risks in ways that enhance and protective or resiliency factors. "

Hamilton's President Eugene Tobin welcomed the participants and Oneida County Executive Ralph Eannace gave the opening address. The conference was facilitated by Owens-Manley, who heads the Resource Center for Human Services, a program of the Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center at Hamilton College. 

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