Company Run by Jack Syage '76 Develops New Airport Screening Device

Photo From Los Angeles Times Article
Photo From Los Angeles Times Article
Airport security is an issue that has recently been all over the headlines.  After the sobering Christmas Day Attack this past December, it became clear that further security measures must be taken in order to protect airline passengers from potential threats.  The increased focus on airline security created an incentive for companies, like Syagen Technology, Inc., to come up with new technologies.  Syagen Technology, a company based in Tustin, California and run by President Jack Syage '76, recently developed a new screening device that blows air on travelers and analyzes the cast-off particles to detect explosives.  The device is called the Guardian Explosives Trace Detection Portal.

An earlier version of this technology by GE Security was rejected by the Transportation Safety Administration due to performance issues and high maintenance costs, but the recent resurgence of interest in airport security has caused them to consider the more advanced version of this technology offered by Syagen.  In an article in The Los Angeles Times, Syage is quoted as saying "everybody has started to talk about new technology at the airports."  According to Syage, Syagen Technology has overcome the performance and maintenance problems that hindered the success of the earlier competitive devices.  The new and improved screening portals sell for about $145,000 each.  Homeland Security and the Transportation Safety Administration are considering Syagen Technology’s screening portals, as well as continuing to research various other technologies in order to remain ahead of all possible threats. 

At Hamilton, Syage graduated with a concentration in chemistry.  He was a member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity and a member of the men’s football and outdoor track and field teams.  After graduating from Hamilton, he went on to get his PhD in physical chemistry from Brown University in 1982.  He currently lives in California with his family. 
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