Emily Granoff, Emma Raynor, Chris Meyer
Emily Granoff, Emma Raynor, Chris Meyer

Students in Associate Professor of Government Sharon Rivera’s introductory comparative politics class (Govt 112) participated in a mock parliamentary debate as part of a semester-long simulation staged in the fictitional country of West Europa on April 1. 

This experiential learning project is a simulated election in which students work cooperatively in groups to organize political parties, draft party platforms, design party logos, produce original campaign ads, plan and stage media campaigns, and prepare for a public debate. The debate centered on economic policy and immigration, and the winner, as determined by a panel of expert judges, was Martina Brave '17 of the National Unity Party.

An innovative aspect of this year’s simulation was Rivera’s collaboration with students at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). The Russian students served as the press corps for the simulation, providing written and verbal feedback to the Hamilton students using the video platform Panopto.

MGIMO is one of the most prestigious universities in the Russian Federation, and faculty from MGIMO have been engaged in collaborative educational projects with Rivera since 2007.

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