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Congolese Author to Speak on Dec. 5

Kama Sywor Kamanda
Kama Sywor Kamanda

Kama Sywor Kamanda, an award-winning writer and poet from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, will present Literary Tales from Africa: Receptions and Interpretations, on Thursday, Dec. 5, at 4:10 p.m., in the Red Pit. The event is free and open to the public.

After publishing a first collection of stories at the age of 15, Kamanda studied literature, journalism, political science, philosophy and law, and worked in journalism. In 1970, he participated in the creation of the Union of Congolese Writers. Forced to leave the Congo in 1977 due to his political activities, Kamanda lived in various European countries before settling in Luxembourg.

In 1985, Kamanda was the founding president of the African Association of Writers. As a poet, story teller and novelist, Kamanda subsequently produced a considerable body of literary work, including a dozen anthologies of poetry, several hundred stories, as well as several novels.

Kamanda’s works have been translated into many languages, including English, Japanese, Italian and Greek and he has earned several major prizes and distinctions. His stories draw their imagery from African traditions, but constitute a universe at the boundary between the fantastic and the author’s own reality. Kamanda’s numerous books of poetry focus on the themes of celebrating Africa and of the pain of exile and solitude, all against a backdrop of fervent celebration of love.

The event is sponsored by the Dean of Faculty office and Days-Massolo Center and hosted by the French Department.

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